October 6th at 4:30pm


Vada's Nightgardening blends abstracted images, emotions and sensations capturing the connection that exists between us and the night. The fervent pictures we create and cultivate in and out of our dreams and the fine line between, and the discoveries they burgeon into inspire this rich collection of works by choreographers Rebecca Herrmann Moyer and Katie Skettino.

Vada Dance Collective
Vada Dance Collective is a Philadelphia-based modern dance company under the direction of Rebecca Herrmann Moyer and Katie Skettino. Fueled by a love of choreographic exploration and organic expression, Vada strives to create daring, engaging, accessible works that contribute to the modern dance landscape in a positive way. Vada's ardent mix of technical precision, dazzling physicality and an innovative yet classic style resonates with audiences, and makes each performance a true experience.