October 6th at 4:30pm

Anomoly of the Heart

Anomaly of the Heart is a repeated duet combining care and frustration creating subtle dysfunction. Accompanied by the soft, yet striking music of Arvo Part, three duets take you on a journey of discovery, sorrow, contemplation, and reality. Through repeating ideas and switching character roles Anomaly progresses by revealing three different honest, beautiful looks at relationships that are both sincere, yet innately flawed.

Creating work since 2005, ROOTEDancEnsemble stresses physical, expressive dance that both visually stimulates and conceptually communicates. Known for both expansive athletic movement as well as subtle nuances, Rooted is a modern dance company dedicated to bringing audiences honest, striking work.

ROOTEDancEnsemble is led by Philadelphia-based dancer and choreographer Molly Root. Originally from Ann Arbor, MI Root graduated from the University of the Arts in 2006 with a BFA in Modern Dance and Emphasis in Choreography.