October 6th at 1:30 pm

Imaginary Ordinary

Imaginary Ordinary is a work set on five dancers. Originally shown as a works-in-progress at the In Flux Performance Series, this piece was chosen for completion and invited for performance in the final In Flux Performance Series in May 2007. Moderator Curt Haworth, describes Imaginary Ordinary as “an old time debutante party gone wild. It was a wonderful mix of worlds that took us on a fun, obsessive and passionate theatrical ride." In this evening length premier, react/dance will delve into the back-story of the unique characters and will uncover the events leading up to climactic finish.

React/dance is Philly based dance company born from the late, great Reactionaries. The company is co-directed by Jacelyn Biondo and Kristen Shahverdian, both former Reactionary company members and collaborators. React/dance is inspired by the same mission of Reactionaries, originally founded by Mark O’Maley, to create “site-specific, visually motivated movement that challenges the norms of typical dance and theatre presentation.” React/dance seeks to diminish the boundaries between audience and performer, giving the audience more control over their experience. It is our mission to create work specific to the performance site and audience and to use our venues on new, unique ways.