October 6th at 6:30 pm


Your eye is caught by a single color, RED. It is inescapable and compelling as senses are triggered and emotions aroused. When this color becomes the defining point of a relationship, one is caught up in whirlwind of seduction, passion, anger, romance and joy. Ultimately this color journey leads us to an empowering view of who we are and what is truly possible. Music and Motion Dance's new work RED, offers us an intimate look at relationships through the medium of movement, luscious visual imagery, differing human temperaments and undeniable beauty of self-discovery.

This will be the final performance of RED for the 2007 season. RED is a Philadelphia Premiere, that will be featured in the fall at the Philly Fringe Festival. According to dancer, Andrea Piovane, “So much of being a teenager is about establishing friendships and relationships. And while there is a lot of advice out there, it can still be quite confusing at times. Relationships are not always easy to talk about, certainly not with parents and sometimes even with peers.” Dancer Noelle Tolbert quickly adds, “with this new dance work, fourteen young women have decided to express their feelings about relationships through dance and movement”. Artistic director, Steven Weisz acknowledges “allowing oneself to be vulnerable enough to just put your feelings out there is what makes the creation of RED more difficult than previous dance works this group has created but the end results are something that touches all of us with a greater self-awareness.”

Music & Motion Dance
Music & Motion Dance Productions is a non-profit corporation, which is both owned and operated by teens with mentoring from outside corporations and individuals. It is a group of pre-professional dancers ages fourteen thru nineteen, who have expressed an interest in pursuing dance and the performing arts. Under the artistic direction of Steven Weisz, this group’s mission has been to empower young people through dance and creative collaboration in the performing arts, building self-esteem and inspiring self-expression and community action.

To that end, Music & Motion performs locally and in surrounding communities throughout the year, as well as performances in a fully professional atmosphere presented for corporations, museums, gardens, and live arts related venues. Music & Motion fulfills the need for providing young dancers with performing experience in a nurturing environment, while continually exciting audiences wherever they perform. The collaborative efforts of the entire company create a synergy rich in imagination, celebration and spirit.

2007 Cast Members are: Julie Ann D'Angelo, Bristol, PA; Stacey Folks, Pennsburg, PA; Grace Harman, Philadelphia, PA; Christina Heupel, Newtown, PA; Lauren Mulholland, Aston, PA; Ashley Klemmer, Whitehall, PA; Kristen Konski, Bristol, PA; Jennifer Laucella, Horsham, PA; Kate Lubenetski, Quakertown, PA; Melissa Martin, Schwenksville, PA; Andrea Piovane, Bensalem, PA; Alexandra Ruch, Horsham, PA; Noelle Tolbert, Harleysville, PA; Maria-Teresa Grinneby, Vocalist, Newtown, PA