October 6th at 3:00pm

Dances for Everyday Objects
Float, Crash and Fall

Created for six dancers and six huge inflated balls, this dance examines the interplay between an object and a person. Dancers roll, float, crash, collide, caress, squeeze, toss and interact with the props creating powerful images that reflect basic human desires. The balls are a movable set that at times are connected to the dancers’ bodies creating a sense of space where time is suspended, allowing for multiple interpretations i.e. planetary, nature and fantasy worlds. As choreographer, I became fascinated by the colors, shapes, textures and qualities of the object and how they informed the movement vocabulary and transported me to other imaginative places.

Choreography by Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Performed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co.
Section One - Prelude Music Arabian Fantasy composed by Danial Majoun from Appassionato
Section Two - Floating Scapes Music Beyond the Machine by Move D from Lush Life Electonica
Section Three - Ritual Music Cloud Moss by Mickey Hart
Section Four - The Game Music La redecouverte from the film score Amelie
Section Five - Finale Music Kalandero from the CD Alegria by Cirque du Soleil
The concert will include another work to be announced.

Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co
ANNE-MARIE MULGREW AND DANCERS COMPANY (AMM & DCO) has captivated audiences since 1986 with its "visually arresting" and "highly imaginative" dance-theater works. The company has appeared on concert stages, TV, alternative sites and international festivals in more than 48 works and 265 performances. AMM & DCO believes in dance education and has conducted 58 residency programs primarily for Delaware Valley Schools. In 2001, the company was selected for a month long Artist-in-the-School residency sponsored by The Yard, Martha's Vineyard. AMM & DCO performance credits include: The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia Cathedral, Philadelphia Fringe/Live Arts Festival, The Painted Bride, Movement Theatre International, Drake U/ARTS Theatre, CEC, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, City Hall, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Mandell Theater and in NYC at UBU Repertory Theatre, Movement Research, Dancespace, University Settlement House and the DIA Center, to name a few. AMM & DCO is the only Philadelphia troupe to appear twice at the prestigious FIDA Festival, Toronto, Canada. Fusing modern dance, theater, music, technology and art, the company charms, provokes and informs audiences of all ages with its insightful and wacky views of the world.