October 6th at 4:30 pm

Preconceived Motions

As we move through life, we all develop beliefs, ideas, and experiences which we draw upon to form our opinions, make decisions, and handle situations. Often, without realizing it, we jump to conclusions based on these preconceived thoughts and fail to see clearly, fail to remain open, fail to try new things thus closing ourselves off from one another and the world around us. Preconceived Motions brings to light the judgments we make based on appearance, sound, and movement and looks at where these “motions” come from and whether we will let them continue to rule us. Alchemy teams up with b-boys of Philly’s Illadelph Phlave for an exciting combination of ballet, modern, and breakin’ techniques in a performance that promises to captivate, entertain, and inspire.

Alchemy Dance Company
Alchemy Dance Company is a non-profit corporation formed by Artistic Director Amy Harding in 2007. Many people ask “What is Alchemy?” Alchemy has a few different meanings or descriptions, but for our purposes, Alchemy is a magical or mystical process of transformation and raising consciousness. Alchemy Dance Company is dedicated to the vital role art plays in transforming our lives, communities, and world. It is important to us to create dance and dance programs that awaken, enrich, enlighten, empower, heal, and entertain.

Through artistic collaboration, outreach programs, and performance, we currently share our art with communities in and around Philadelphia. Alchemy consists of 7 professional dancers as well as guest artists from other area dance companies and will be premiering Preconceived Motions in the Philly Fringe Festival this year. We are very happy to be a part of the first Philly Dance Fest where we will perform excerpts of Preconceived Motions and close our 2007 season.